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Pants: Side Lace + All Side Lace Enamel Pants & Nano (12 cm) + Micro (17 cm) Skirts

New Low Story #3


We spent half a day at the beach and the sun had already began to turn to night. We decided to walk along the beach, you put her ultra short skirt and took off her wet swimsuit. The view was amazing, as the skirt, more precisely its length was barely enough to cover that hid the panties, and when you're down or Chagall, it was possible to see that you're not wearing panties. We walked and I could not get used to the idea that you so easily go along with me. We passed a volleyball court, a little stopped. At the site there were a few people, adults, children, some teenagers, boys and girls. Some were in shorts, some in shorts, one girl was wearing a bikini, and on the other sat a very short shorts, which now could jump out the ass. I looked at the game and figured that would do well to warm up. And then you asked, let's go!? I said, why not, and are you going to change your skirt looks more like a belt than a skirt? No, you said, see that girl, she plays in shorts and looks very impressive. Everything will be fine, " you said, trimmed skirt hand and went towards the players.
We started to play volleyball. I must say that the game looked very calm and measured, but our appearance added in this play. We began to throw the ball, play combination, serve over the net, in total to play through the mesh as in regular volleyball, only on the beach. We must admit that we are not bad turned out, we even got excited, started to take complex balls and feed... the Game was running its course, and then I noticed that when you take a ball or jump, your skirt every time rises and becomes higher and higher, and shows that you aren't wearing anything. And it seems that it was visible for a long time and it is noticed not only I, but also other participants. As the game progresses, more and more balls of steel to go in your direction, they forced you to stretch them, to jump, to get to bend over... it seems that the goal of the game have changed, as even the members of our team were also more play on you. Looks like both sites, all players played for you to as much as possible to stay in the game, so you don't have even the slightest idea to look at ourselves.
I want to pay tribute to your ability to play volleyball, but your skirt-belt continued to be understood up...
(to be continue ... )

Summer 2014 year



New Lowest Level Pants for 2015 Year!

No Front Rise | Lowest Ever | Ass Less

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Lowest Jeans by NoRiseJeans

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Just NoRiseJeans
Just NoRiseJeans

Wait Summer 2015 ...and wear this: Flap-, Tube- and Type-kini


New Monokini from NoRiseJeans.


Dress this Girl! 

Write us what you want, how lowest jeans 
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Lowest Front&Back &  Triangular Crotch


High Cut Leg Will  Cool with Low Rise Jeans.

You often ask me where I get your ideas for the lowest of jeans in the world?

My answer is simple: - This is the Life! Do you Like my lowest skirt?


New Bikini from NoRiseJeans.


You can LOVE this jeans, but You can't WEAR one.


New Fringe ... Bikini coming soon.




Don't try WEAR this Jeans,  but ... Why Not.


To be continue ... to be lower ... for lover

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You can see Lowest Jeans, but you can't wear it.

www.sannas.jp - No 1.

www.fmejeans.com- No 3.  


www.navelrose.jp (sold out) - NEW 10 cm !!

www.liquiwork.com (NEW)





Shell bikini WOW




Prefer (TFP)  for best of the world photo, for Advertising  in unic and pow-wow pants.


Photo only for us



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