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New Monokini from NoRiseJeans.


Lowest Front&Back &  Triangular Crotch


High Cut Leg Will  Cool with Low Rise Jeans.

You often ask me where I get your ideas for the lowest of jeans in the world?

Just NoRiseJeans
Just NoRiseJeans

My answer is simple: - This is the Life! Do you Like my lowest skirt?


New Bikini from NoRiseJeans.


You can LOVE this jeans, but You can't WEAR one.


New Fringe ... Bikini coming soon.




Don't try WEAR this Jeans,  but ... Why Not.

Sannas bikini-jeans
Sannas bikini-jeans


To be continue ... to be lower ... for lover

We look photomodel for NoRiseJeans


You can see Lowest Jeans, but you can't wear it.

www.sannas.jp - No 1.

www.fmejeans.com- No 3.  


www.navelrose.jp (sold out) - NEW 10 cm !!

www.liquiwork.com (NEW)





Shell bikini WOW




Prefer (TFP)  for best of the world photo, for Advertising  in unic and pow-wow pants.


Photo only for us



How low can you go ??

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