No Rise Jeans!


Dear Anna, thank you for your interest!
in order to answer your questions:
(I feel like a man who gives interviews to journalists from a fashion magazine such as Hustler and Penthouse))))
Yes, Britney Spears is not wearing ultra understated jeans, Alexander McQueen left us, and Tom Ford became interested in perfume...
 But somebody has to haunt the minds of

1. when the site is going to work?
 You mean: That can be ordered NO RISE JENAS! yes, we are working on this in the next 3 weeks will open a showroom, and you can make the order, since jeans are very demanding on the figure...

2. currently we wear more understated?

Most likely the last five years there is a reverse trend, we carry more and more...
Ultra low jeans are no longer fashionable! 
But NO RISE JEANS for those who are out of fashion minstreem, for those who dictate fashion.

 3. There is a rule that the ultra low jeans are correlated with the state of the economy, and there is a hope that the fashion will come back to them as soon as DJ, S & P500 and other indexes begin to rise, the economy is recovering. We do not expect this, and act !

 4. Not necessarily getting funny, crazy and dress NO RISE JEANS in a office, even NANO LOW RISE - very extremes (like Sannas VIP-jeans), so it suffices 12-13 cm front rise to be and feel special, and if necessary to demonstrate the quality your figures.
Hopefully drawings 10-12 front rise in support of my words.
To be continue, I wait your questions....

We made the lowest jeans that possible. 
Sometimes much too low jeans themselves
  down lower and lower and lower.
And they can go even lower,
but do not be afraid of losing them,
  they will not fall, even if you go, you must go.
But we still went ahead and did an
ultra and nano low jeans even lower.
Many in the Sanna's Jeans 
(World-Wide Leader of Nano-Low Jeans)
  told us "that it is impossible" to do!
But we made this channel "NoRiseJeans
  to make the impossible 
and show to YOU that it is possible.
Yes, You can see it first!!!
or after five years on the street in your City. 
Is it possible to wear it now?
We are going to test NoRiseJeans
just now, right behind the door, 
on the street, and may be public street.


----- NoRiseJeans ----

We Make Lowest Ever Jeans